How to find a good puppy class. No.1


Imagine a hall. A small space full of people and dogs. You have never been there before and it is very intimidating.
The noise level is such that it is actually making your sensitive ears hurt, and it is not easy to hear a conversation.
This hall is supposed to be a place of learning and yet it will be difficult to learn new skills in this environment. The reason lessons will be hard to learn is that you need to be able to concentrate-but you don’t really feel relaxed enough to focus, and learning is going to be hard. How can you learn when you can’t hear- as the calm concise instructions you need are impossible to understand and people only talk louder when their own dogs don’t respond-and you really have no idea what these words mean.

There is a weird smell under the doors which is making your eyes water and you would really like to investigate it, or better still walk out and avoid it entirely.

This is often the type of training area where we ask our young puppies and dogs to learn -cramped, crowded areas that are full of noise. Noise is stressful to dogs, and if your young puppy or dog doesn’t already have a reaction to noise then he will very likely develop a problem.

Puppy class fact number one.
Classes should be held in calm quiet environments where learning is top priority and space and calm are part of the package.
When you start to research puppy classes for your lovely young puppy please look into the environment he is to be trained in, before you sign up for the class.

Puppy beagle

Puppy beagle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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