Fright Night

The fireworks have started for 2016, more’s the pity

horse and hound school

 firework 4

Solutions for dog fright on firework night

Many dogs experience severe worry during firework season. Any solutions need to be planned and should ideally start around the middleof October at the very latest. Don’t expect anything to work perfectly, if your dog truly is freaked out at this time of year you really need to think of a combination of things to help alleviate his fears.

For some dogs firework season is terrifying. If sedatives are suggested be aware that they won’t necessarily take away the terror but they can take away the ability to move. If these type of drugs are used the association between fireworks and fright can actually escalate and become more intense by the next firework season. Alternatives, in the form of the following suggestions are much better as the dog is allowed to make his own decisions which allows him to choose where…

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