Dog wellbeing during the festive season

This is just as applicable this Christmas as when I wrote it a few years ago

horse and hound school

We all know how things get very busy before Christmas and during the festive season we all have many preparations for events such as friends and relatives visiting, and we become busy with parties and social occasions, we set about buying food and presents, and decorations are put up, as well as other general hubbub and excitement.

Think of this from your dogs’ point of view. He doesn’t know it is Christmas and this time of year is such a radical change from normal, and it must seem very alien. Change of routine is always unsettling for and stressful for dogs.

The differences include the fact that we are around the house more during holiday times and there is far more food around, especially sweet foods –particularly chocolate. People also think they are being kind by buying presents for dogs, and at Christmas more than any other time, it is…

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