Circles-a horse and rider post .

Some people find schooling their horse boring.  In my experience this is mainly due to lack of knowledge. Schooling helps keep horses supple; helps build confidence and balance; and it  is essential for riders to learn about  exercises that are integral to working a horse or pony. Schooling also works the horses mind as well […]

An introduction to Bowen therapy for horses and dogs

                    There are many times in our animals lives when we realise that all is not well. Sometimes we know that a trip to the vet is needed and drugs like anti- biotics will be needed and we have to wait and hope that all will be […]

All Change

Autumn-it brings many things,it signals the turn of the year and the sun begins to lose heat as it turns towards the other side of the earth. Meantime as the nights begin to get longer and the weather begins to get colder the conditions for our horses and dogs change. Horses in particular experience a […]