A dog dies

Greyhound Extravaganza 009So, a dog has died. It is just a dog-isn’t it?

Well no, for many of us that dog is not just something that has to be taken out for walks, fed and looked after.

For many of us they are so much more than that.

I lost a dog last week. More to the point I lost one of my very best friends last week. I wasn’t expecting her to die, she seemed healthy and happy, and only a few days ago was dashing about the house full of  joy.

The sudden departure has knocked me for six, my other two dogs are older and one of them is definitely becoming less healthy, and is becoming weak and wobbly, if he had taken a turn for the worst it would have been awful, but not unexpected.

Grief is not determined by who dies, it is about the relationship you have with whoever leaves. It is unpredictable, depressing and drastically affects quality of life, there is just no telling how far you will fall, before the process of  looking back with joy, and thanks for the life that is gone.

It may seem awful mourning a dog when there are things around us that are horrific and senseless, we only have to look at the daily news to see people dying, and terrorist activities blighting and decimating peoples lives,  but our dogs and animals reserve a space where we can be ourselves. We love them, and we get that love straight back.They make us simply “more”.

The love of a dog is not unconditional as some people harp on about, it is just that dogs are  more loyal than we could ever be-and that is the only fault they have. If this were not so it would not be so heartbreaking when we lose them. Dogs are our constant companions who share our lives like no other animals do. They pretty much love the same things as we do-walking, chilling out, food, treats, and play. They quite simply love hanging out with us. They become tuned into our lives like so few other animals do.

To love a dog is amazing. I will never understand why a dog is only “just a dog” to many people. They deserve more. This is why the grief that falls when they go is only natural.

Goodbye sweet girl, I will never forget you.


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