It is July

It is July. How did that happen? I aimed to write on my blog at least once a month but it hasn’t happened.

It is hard to put thoughts together sometimes, especially when things come up with regularity when working with horses and dogs.

Everyone needs to learn and it is a particular journey for anyone who has horses, dogs or any animals. The majority of people make great decisions for the animals they share their life with-but some don’t.

So why do people make bad decisions? What would I class as a bad decision? Without doubt my answer is always something that would cause a horse or dog, frustration, pain or distress. The very fact that many humans want quick results means that bad decisions are often made with regard to the animals they live with.

My bug bear is the people that listen to their unqualified friends who may or may not have “spent years with animals”. If their dogs or horses are not performing or behaving as they feel they should, then it is often the route of the quick fix that is taken.

For instance the dog that barks at other dogs. Is the dog aggressive? -often it is assumed he is. The actual answer is that aggression is very unlikely. Dogs have not survived tfor thousands of years with us as their companions by attacking everyone they come across.

They do though have a very specific language. I would urge people to look at all the literature about calming signals, the fact that dogs are social creatures and the fact that they love spending time with us. That is providing we give them time, and space, and we continue to learn about them (this is not always something that people are interested in) This is why I have such a difficult time when people refuse to understand their dogs, but are more interested in listening to the man that meet when they walk their dog. In fact this makes me really mad.

Many  of us work hard to update our knowledge, by going to lectures, watching webinars and searching out well written books by great authors.

The same for for horses. I am quite frankly fed up of watching the many clips that pop up on Facebook that show people laughing at horses for doing “odd things”. Those horses that kick, buck and generally provide amusement are often in pain and have problems caused by badly fitting saddles poorly fitted bits or have been confined for many hours in their stables.

It is summer-horses need to be out and live lives that are as natural as possible. Yes, I know laminitis is a problem, but there are many ways of limiting the risks and making sure that they remain fit and well.

So this is my July post….not particularly educational but it is what has been on my mind.

If anyone would like help understand or make more progress with their own education and learning how to create a better bond with either dogs or horses please do contact me. I can also help detect and help with pain issues or stress related problems with Bowen therapy.

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